About Na’layn Publications


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Na’layn Publications is a new publishing and imprints house based in Karachi, Pakistan that publishes, distributes, and promotes contemporary Sufic literature aimed at human excellence. We cater to the spiritual needs of the 21st-century human, making helpful works accessible through publications, and the events attached to them, such as speaking and teaching events.

In addition to serving this principal objective, we also intend to make available translations of pertinent classical texts and related literary contributions, relevant to the pursuit and realization of man’s spiritual potential in the quest for self-cognizance, human excellence, physical, mental and spiritual wholesomeness and contentment, and ultimately the fulfillment of man’s existential purpose as individual being and as a species

While there is no dearth of organizations and institutions catering for this genre on the international publishing scene, we believe that our program is filling a very real want in local publishing, and perhaps contributing a slight but healthy boost to international competitiveness.

To this end, we are in affiliation with Intent Publishing, a publications and imprints house based in South Africa. Select works are published in both locations, with each house catering to its closest geographical audience logistically and otherwise. Certain works may, in future, be only be published by either house, while others are distributed electronically. This arrangement particularly facilitates audience of the two global hemispheres, and not only assures that audience from Pakistan are spared the heartache of sometimes restricted global paywalls and shipping restrictions, but that in addition, the readers can engage more deeply with the nearer house — keeping up with the news, following and attending events, and requesting the authors as speakers, teachers, or otherwise. We aim to help with logistics as well personal availability of support, and connect readers with one another in nearer geographical clusters.

All titles are available for residents of Pakistan on kitabain.com

Intent – Exploring the Core of Being Human By Etsko Schuitema

Al Mathal-Al-A’la – The Likeness of the One Without Semblance By Shaykh Muhammad Harun Reidinger

The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom by Shaykh Muhammad Harun Reidinger

Set my Heart on Fire – A collection of Sufi poems by Shahbano Aliani