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Coffee in Morocco

Na’layn Publications is a small publishing upstart, powered by the goodwill and effort and contributions and feedback of our readers and friends. We wish to use this website as a platform to not just bring you our publications, but to elicit your feedback, and get to know how the books are working for you. We also wish to help our audience within our capacity to find related resources that help them on their path to become an excellent human.

A small enterprise such as ours depends greatly on the help and contribution of our readers and friends, and we request you to read and share the links, invite friends and family who may benefit from our offers, and in general, know how much we cherish knowing how we are working with you to help you along your path.

Feel welcomed to send us your reviews, queries, and even reader photos with our books! We want to receive your favorite quotes from the book, read your stories of how the books may have affected you, and see the settings in which you read them. We would also publish select and authorized (by you) content.

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Image: Shaykh Abu Faydan Faridi shares coffee in Morocco with long-time friend and companion-on-the-path, Shaykha Amatullah Armstrong, surrounded by young members of the tariqa. 2011. Photo by: Saleem Andrew McGroarty.