Our Gatherings

The fuqara (a term used to address the seekers on the Sufi path; meaning, literally, ‘the impoverished’ — those who seek to squeeze the ways of the world out of their selves, leaving only pure essence with the seeker) gather in person with the authors who write with Na’layn Publications, as the authors are also Shaykhs (master/ guide/ teacher/ learned/ able/ one with grasp of a matter — not to be confused with the tribal honorific Sheikh which means tribal or clan leader) in their respective Tariqas (Sufi methods or paths… towards the goal of self-attainment).

The gatherings are for remembrance, Zikr (aka Dhikr), of the Truth and Essence, by way of special chants and litanies ordained in various Sufi tariqas, and through embodied presence exercises — chiefly, the Hadra… a vigorous rhythmic exercise involving movement and chants.

Not all gatherings are the same. Some involve lectures, some Sufi music. Others are conversations, or meals, or time for laughter and conviviality. Yet others deal with the affairs of the world as we are conducting them, and through which we bring the practice and teachings to life.

In general, a Shaykh or Shaykha would hold regular gatherings of remembrance and hadra, as well as meet-ups on special occasions.

The gatherings in our case are announced regularly on the Facebook group, Zawia Ebrahim.

The regular places of gathering are:

‘Zawia Ebrahim’
Patronized by Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema
64 Cross Roads, Walker Fruit Farms
Gauteng, South Africa
Organizer: Saadiqa Fakier

‘Karachi Circle’
Headed by Sidi Rizwanullah 
9A/2, 8th Central St.,
DHA-II, Karachi
Host/Organizer: Rizwan Ullah

Shaykha Shahbano Aliani is also part of the Karachi Circle as of now. She communicates regularly with her audience via Facebook. See author page for more info and links to her pages.
Please know that women and men are equal part of our circles. There are sometimes special, topical gatherings for each, addressing issues specific to men or women. Any segregation is only organizational in nature and is for convenience.
Children are active parts of the gathering. Any concern, when present, are communicated at the moment.