Readers’ Corner


Featuring your feedback, photos, contributions related to our publications. We want to have an engagement with our readers, because there is benefit and barakah (blessing and abundance and increase) in closer, oft-activated connections.

Please send us:

— Your reviews of our titles
— Reader Photos with the books, OR your favorite quotes highlighted from the books.
We want to create a communal feel through these photos and connections. If you authorize us to share them online, we may publish select photos.
— Stories of how the books or passages from within the books affected you, or how you were able to utilize them in a certain instance in your life
— Reviews of and stories about our Authors. Please keep in mind that the content is for the stranger Internet reader, who may know little about you or the author. It’s a stranger introducing a stranger to a stranger, to lessen that strangeness and inch the hearts closer, hopefully.


In all instances, select and authorized (by you) content will be published on this website, in suitably edited form, and possibly for short durations on a rotating basis… to keep the page interesting, fresh and relevant for all readers. Submissions to the Facebook page are shared here with your express permission only, which you can grant when sharing the content, missing which, we shall ask for.

Kind regards.

The People of Na’layn Publications

Photo: Readers gathered around Shaykha Amatullah Armstrong, a friend of Na'layn Publications, after a talk/gathering. See her FOREWARD to Shaykh Abu Faydan's upcoming book, The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom, here.