Support Na’layn Publications


We hope that you can imagine us as a small specialty store, with a well-knit and engaged audience. As small stores in real life do, we require your help in getting word out and around, obtain reviews and suggestions, publicize the books and bring readers thirsty for authentic knowledge over, and remain (financially) afloat as well as ‘staffed’ with volunteer help and patronage. Every contribution counts, and the smallest are often the most meaningful.

If you wish to support Na’layn, our suggestions are:

Buy our books. Gift copies to family and friends.
You can obtain bulk discounts for packaged orders.
— Buy direct from us where possible, and from our authors. When you buy direct from small publishers, they obtain greater profit which helps them spend greater time on writing new content, research, and obtaining material from prospective authors.
— Store the books in your bookshop in Pakistan or abroad. A list of Partner Stores & Sellers is maintained here.
— Consider sponsoring upcoming titles, or reprints. Especially suitable for corporations, academic institutes and the likes who may wish to order large print runs as gifts or part of curriculum. You can also, of course, sponsor us as a charitable cause in the way of increasing benefit for humankind.
— Introduce the books to your students, make them a part of curriculums or reading circles and clubs.
(Institutions may request REVIEW COPIES through a formal request via official email or on letterhead. Limited review copies reserved.)
— Share our web links on social media and through email.
— Blog about us.
— Join us on our Facebook, and have a conversation. We love your questions!
— Download the publicity materials we hope to make available over time, and PRINT or spread online.
Volunteer with us to help maintain our website, for research, to write content, and to make posters and other graphics. Make and spread short audios and videos. Contact us for more.
— READ the books. Highlight. Underline. Apply. Understand. Repeat.
Write reader notes, and share with family and friends, and send us a copy if you like.
— Meet us in real life. For more, join the Facebook page.

Please know that it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to start and upkeep a small business and its web and other operations. Therefore, your kindness towards our shortcomings, and your small bits of support with time, sponsorships, and volunteering matter… and go a LONG WAY in making these works available to people in need who may benefit from the publications.

Help us bring bliss to the world in these difficult times!

Kind regards.

A poster (2 variants) for readers to download, print, share, upload online!

IMAGE: Our dream bookstore! 'Sufi Bookstore' in Zamalek, Cairo/EGYPT.