Shaykh Ebrahim ‘Etsko’ Schuitema

Etsko Schuitema, author with Na'layn PublicationsEtsko Schuitema is the founder and Leading Partner of Schuitema Associates, a business and personal transformation consultancy based in South Africa, with franchises in Pakistan and Singapore.

Dr. Michael Jordaan, CEO of one of the four dominant banks in South Africa, has referred to Etsko as “the philosopher for the 21st Century”. A colleague says “He is a compassionate and intriguing man, a singularly original thinker and a charismatic presenter who woos a crowd of 300 as easily as one of 30 or less.”

Etsko Schuitema lives on a small farm near Johannesburg in South Africa; he is married and has four children.

He is also a shaykh or master in the Shadhili-Darqawi Sufi tradition, and known as Shaykh Ebrahim. He maintains a ‘zawiyyah’ (Sufi hospice and retreat), where regular gatherings teaching, invocation and other Sufic practices take place. Shaykh Ebrahim received his ‘idhn’ or authorization and chain of transmission in the Tariqa from the late Shaykh Mustafa Bassir of Morocco – may Allah bless his soul – and has a large following all over the world. (Learn more about the teachers of the order/‘shuyookh of the tariqa’ here.)

“Etsko is the Gordon Ramsey of personal transformation: tough-loving, hard-hitting, and unaverse to putting one in place with a sharp and clear word, Etsko pulls no punches and cuts to the heart of the matter: an unforgiving sport that he is often later thanked for.”
— a Na’layn Publications review
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Etsko can be reached for speaking and consultancy services that deliver his teachings on human and organizational excellence across several continents. Etsko or an associate of Schuitema Assoc. will be in touch with you or your organization to create a bespoke program or deliver a standard offer. Additionally, online learning modules are now available here: The Schuitema Online Learning Center.

To rather access the Zawia, a Sufi retreat south of Johannesburg, where the fuqara and the dervishes are the guests of the house, please contact the website where a caretaker will get back in touch with you.

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