Shaykha Shahbano Aliani

Shahbano Aliani, author with Na'layn PublicationsShahbano Aliani is a Shaykha (spiritual master) in the Darqawa Sufi order, ordained by her guide, Shaykh Ebrahim (Etsko Schuitema) who deems her ‘most capable of representing the work on Intent‘, a set of teachings exploring the core of what it means to be human, that he has conducted since the 1980’s.

She is also a Human Excellence consultant by profession.

Shahbano Aliani was born and raised in Pakistan and spent many years studying and working in the United States. Increasingly disillusioned with the mediocrity and futility of her outer endeavours and plagued by a growing disquiet, she searched for deeper purpose and meaning. Her quest brought her to the Sufi path through the Zawia (spiritual retreat) and teachings of Shaykh Ebrahim Etsko Schuitema in 2009.

Soon thereafter Shahbano started writing poetry, the first collection of which is available here. Though written in English and in a modern voice, her verse is both a timeless chronicle of and a manual for spiritual transformation in the finest tradition of Sufi poetry. Readers have called Shahbano’s work honest, subtle and profoundly moving. See reviews.

Shahbano is married and the mother of one daughter. She lives in Karachi, Pakistan. Other than poetry, she enjoys the sublime art of calligraphy.

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2 thoughts on “Shaykha Shahbano Aliani”

  1. HI
    I am Shah Bano from Hunza Pakistan. please to see you on this page and know about your tremendous knowledgeable work. I have a deep interest in spirituality. I want to meet you as we share many familiarities

    1. Assalaamo alaykum,
      i am Pir Sufi Syed Muhammad Ishaq Jani of Kolkata in India, i am very happy to read ur poetry,
      Assalaamo alaykum

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