Shaykh Abu Faydan Faridi

Shaykh Aby Faydan Faridi, author with Na'layn PublicationsShaykh Abu Faydan Faridi, alias Muhammad Harun Riedinger, was born in 1947 in a Christian family in Germany, where he spent the first part of his life.

At age 27 he left everything behind and set out on a journey to the East in pursuit of his spiritual aspirations. On this voyage he had profound mystical encounters with the great saint Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi − may Allah be pleased with him − which eventually led him to accepting Islam in Pakistan in 1975, where he also attended a seminary for some time, acquiring some basic Islamic learning.

Soon after becoming a Muslim he met an eminent shaykh of the Chishti Sufi Order, Hadrat Shahidullah Faridi − may Allah sanctify his secret − who initiated him into the Sufi Path of Divine Love and Gnosis. After his master’s departure from this world, he undertook the pilgrimage, and stayed on in Madinah for a year. Thereafter he traveled widely, associating with, and benefiting from a number of masters of various Sufi orders, and scholars. 

During a journey to Morocco in 2011, an intense encounter with Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema of the Shadhili-Darqawi Order prompted the latter to confer on him the ‘Idhn of Shaykh’ (i.e. the authorization of a Sufi master) of that order.

He lived in Karachi, counseling and teaching a growing circle of seekers and devotees until he left this phenomenal reality on 27th Shawwal 1438 hijri (July 22, 2017) to join his Beloved Maker.  Those who witnessed his departure from this world remarked that it was an occasion of sublime beauty and joy. In his passing he showed how an Abd submits everything to his Master.  May Allah sanctify his secret.

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