Shaykh Abu Faydan Faridi

Shaykh Aby Faydan Faridi, author with Na'layn PublicationsShaykh Abu Faydan Faridi, alias Muhammad Harun Riedinger, was born in 1947 in a Christian family in Germany, where he spent the first part of his life.

At age 27 he left everything behind and set out on a journey to the East in pursuit of his spiritual aspirations. On this voyage he had profound mystical encounters with the great saint Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi − may Allah be pleased with him − which eventually led him to accepting Islam in Pakistan in 1975, where he also attended a seminary for some time, acquiring some basic Islamic learning.

Soon after becoming a Muslim he met an eminent shaykh of the Chishti Sufi Order, Hadrat Shahidullah Faridi − may Allah sanctify his secret − who initiated him into the Sufi Path of Divine Love and Gnosis. After his master’s departure from this world, he undertook the pilgrimage, and stayed on in Madinah for a year. Thereafter he traveled widely, associating with, and benefiting from a number of masters of various Sufi orders, and scholars.

During a journey to Morocco in 2011, an intense encounter with Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema of the Shadhili-Darqawi Order prompted the latter to confer on him the ‘Idhn of Shaykh’ (i.e. the authorization of a Sufi master) of that order.

Presently he lives in Karachi, counseling and teaching a growing circle of seekers and devotees. He is married, with two grown children.

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