The Reader We Serve

Gathering at Zawia Ebrahim

It might be useful to describe the kind of reader, or reader purpose, that we aim to serve.

Na’layn aims to serve the needs of the 21st-century reader who wants a clear, concise, obscuration and bling-free guide to understanding what it means to be human, and how to contribute to the world. All Sufi teachings are an aim to this goal. In turn, this process leads to the gradual unlocking of the Mystique and Intrigue of all Life–the unfurling of the ‘love affair’ between That which brought all Creation to life, and such creation.

We aim to aid, to clarify the path and its shape, and provide comfort, teachings and inspiration while you, the reader, walk the path.

The texts are in clear, modern language and aim to serve the contemporary reader who may need facilitation to access ancient teachings that sit at the heart of the matter of being alive, and the conducting of this affair.

Some titles (such as this sublime book of poetry) move one personally and emotively, but on the correct path alone. Others (such as INTENT) can well be used in business and academic contexts. Yet others (‘Al Mathal al A’la‘) make ancient texts by Sufi masters available to modern readers.

You do not have to formally ‘be a Sufi’ to benefit from our publications. We serve those already initiated into Sufi traditions, and also those who wish to benefit from the teachings while remaining on a degree of separation.

We aim to help you become an excellent, beneficial and transformed presence as our final goal.

Expect a(n inner) revolution.

Na’layn Publications

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Na’layn additionally helps publish affordable, quality imprints of texts that were previously either not available due to publishing limitations for Pakistan-based authors, or were published abroad, such as under the banner of our mother publishing house, INTENT Publishing of South Africa.

IMAGE: A gathering of creative souls and friends at Zawia Ebrahim, a spiritual Sufi retreat in South Africa, hosted by the Na'layn Publications author, Etsko Schuitema.