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A wonderful book tracing the life and spiritual legacy of Mawlai Abd as-salam. Sh Abu Faydan Faridi (alias Muhammad Harun Reidinger) has done a superb job in bringing to light the inner beauty and spiritual charm of the lineage passed down from rasullullah (s.a.w) through the life and teachings of the sufi saint, Mawlai Abs As Salam. It is a delicate tacit line of thought and belief that shapes the spiritual strength of gnosis that permeates through the ages.

He also covers the relations between the saint and his disciple, Shaykh Abul Hassan and the numerous stories that prevail.

What is most powerful is the explanation and commentary on each line of the As-Salat Al Mashishiyaah which are the priceless gems of ma’rifah (knowledge of the Real) from the ‘Treasure’ which as he describes, Allah (swt) speaks of in the well known hadith qudsi as “I was a hidden Treasure, and I love to be known, so I brought about the creation, in order to be known.” This hadith qudsi was communicated in a visionary encounter by the Noble Prophet (saw) to Shaykh Al-Akbar, Muhiyiudiin Ibn Al-Arabi.

The concept of Allah wanting to be known and loved is so beautifully expressed that it is a true joy7 to read this book. There were parts I was so touched that i wanted to read them again and again, just in case I left out a meaning or two. :)

The book is deep at many levels, and without saying too much, I would recommend Sufi-inclined readers to enjoy the beauty of it for themselves.

Farheen Mukhri via GoodReads

Listen to the Salat al-Mashishya (original litany)

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Download a poster featuring the Salat al Mashishiyyah.

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