Set My Heart on Fire – A Collection of Sufi Poems

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Set My Heart on Fire – A Collection of Sufi Poems
by Shahbano Aliani

Set My Heart on Fire is a collection of sublime Sufi poems that chronicle author Shahbano Aliani’s inner journey towards wholeness and Homecoming.

Short and pithy, the poems have been hailed as refreshing and inspiring; recounting the world’s most ancient love story–the sweet affair between the Creator and creation–in a surpringly fresh, honest and touching idiom. The play between the Light and Shadow aspects of the Self is alive through the collection, making it a read suitable for altercating spiritual days, moods, and conditions.

With illustrations by the author.

Readers’ Feedback

“Fierce, and tender — indeed, these words fly off the page and have set my heart, and spirit, and soul, on fire! POW! And, WOW. I am a lover of poetry, and regularly read the works of highly acclaimed poets including Rumi, Pablo Neruda, Mary Oliver, and others — and in my books, Shahbano Aliani is right up there with those poets in how she conveys the depths of her feelings, perceptions, and insights in such beautiful, raw, and profound ways that penetrate so deeply. These poems are refreshing in their honesty and unpredictability. They are fire and they are water. They are the soft flower petal and the raging flaming sword. As someone for whom English is a first language, I am so grateful to have these Sufi poems written in English. Shabano Aliani is truly a hidden gem; a voice to be reckoned with. I feel so fortunate to have encountered her work and I look forward to what comes next! – Mona Chopra”

“This beautiful collection of sufi poetry gave me such immense joy to read. Every syllable..Every word comes straight from the author’s heart. It touched me deeply. I could relate to some of the content and felt like it was written for me personally. The poems are easy to read and suitable for all. –  Sandra Louison”

“The best sufi poetry in English. – Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema, South Africa”

“This book of poetry is a beautiful gift to just read and savour, letting the words settle in gently. I absolutely love Shahbano’s work.  These simple words take you on a deep journey and touch you and move you in ways you did not know were possible.   Her personal journey and the depth of her words are reflected in these poems.  I love dipping in and reading the poems and rereading them and find deeper meanings each time.  I am of course her biggest fan and I would highly recommend her book to anyone whether they are interested in the Sufi path or not. – Dhiviya David, Delhi”

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Appr. 23 x 15 cm
138 pages 140 g art paper

Paperback: PK Rs 600
Hardcover: PK Rs 700 (with dustcover)
ISBN 978-969-9882-01-2

*Local Retail Price; Trade discounts available

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