Foreword to The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom
by Amatullah Armstrong
Dervish and teacher in the Order

We are living in an era of rapid global change; change as a natural transformation and adaptation leading to greater health but also change as a destructive force leading to decay and decline. Sufism is presently in the process of undergoing both types of change. With an increasing number of people attracted to Sufism it is apparent that the time has come to reinstate this noble Path to its healthy and natural state.

On first reading “The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom” I was relieved and excited. At last we have a book alerting us to the contaminating and detrimental influences, some that I have personally experienced, which have gradually crept into and often overtaken certain aspects of the authentic Sufi Path. Many sincere yet unsuspecting adherents to the Path currently face the real danger of wasting their time and efforts due to lack of awareness of these errors and deviations. Often believing they are committing themselves to authentic practices and rituals they are in reality following corrupted teachings where true meaning has been blurred behind distorted form, and in some tragic cases connecting themselves to charlatan “shaykhs”.

Shaykh Muhammad Harun Abu Faydan Faridi speaks with the authority of one who has deep knowledge and direct experience of the authentic Sufi Path. In his book he examines and elaborates upon the distorted and contaminating trends, innovations and rituals within certain areas of the Sufi Tariqas, exposing their exaggerations, errors and deviations from the true Path. His approach is direct, firm and clear. However Shaykh Muhammad Harun does not leave the reader in a state of confusion or disillusionment. He offers a way forward, a new approach to spirituality in our present era, a revival.

“The Broken Kashkol of Sufidom” is vital for wayfarers on the Path and spiritual seekers, and for those readers who wish to gain a clearer understanding of the authentic Sufi teaching. It is a bright beacon warning of dangers whilst lighting the way to the restoration of authentic Sufism, the technology of self-effacement and the Divine Encounter.

Amatullah Armstrong

25th Shawwal 1436 / 11th August 2015
Sydney, Australia